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Real Meat Pet Treat LLC


Hello and thanks for visiting our store!  Real Meat Pet Treat LLC is our solution for a healthy supplement for our best friends and yours.  


Several years ago we had a devoted cat named PJ who was diagnosed with kidney failure. Around the same time, we found that several of our friends had similar situations with their pets.  We researched the root cause and learned that PJ’s  illness was directly linked to her food . Upon further research, we discovered the magnitude of poor quality ingredients that pet food companies use in their products.  We also learned what healthy alternatives we could use to keep our beloved pets healthy and strong.


Dogs and cats are natural carnivores, and, accordingly meat should be the main staple in their diets. Our products have no fillers or preservatives.  They are all 100% human grade meat.


The value of our products can be recognized in the health and happiness of your pets and even your wallet.  Pound for pound you will get the most value with our products.  Just compare the amount of meat (100%) in our products to just about any other pet food or pet treat.


Thanks again for visiting and please do what is best for your best friend....Real Meat Pet Treat.